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Blanding's Turtles

Basking female on a rock

Basking female in water

Basking females on a rock

Mating, heads above water

Female covering nest (transmitter attached)

Turtle in sphagnum

Double amputee Turtle in trap

Turtle peeking out

Basking male

Turtle basking on a log

Mating under water

Hatchling on a rock

Egg laying

Hatchling Radio transmitter


Basking female

Adult Swimming

Basking in a pool

Female laying eggs

Female laying more eegs

Nesting female

Egg at the road edge



Bull Moose Brook


Typical nesting beach Overwintering site

Overwintering site


Researchers at overwintering site

Protected nest

Notching a turtle

Measuring a turtle's plastron

Setting a trap

Checking a nest

People on nesting beach

Predated nest

CAnoeing in typical habitat

Researcher looking for turtles

Researcher setting net

Researcher looking for turtle?


Telemetry work

Turtle Crossing Sign

Juvenile with transmitter

Measuring shell

Researcher with turtle

Setting up nets