Nova Scotia Wood Turtles

Report a Sighting


In Nova Scotia, wood turtles have been reported in 31 watersheds throughout the province but little is known about their abundance in many of these areas.  Researchers conduct field surveys to try and identify wood turtles and wood turtle habitat within Nova Scotia but resources are limited and Nova Scotia is a big province.  You can help by reporting any sightings of wood turtles seen throughout the province.

If you see a wood turtle:

  • Do not handle or disturb the turtle
  • Write down when and where you saw the turtle
  • Take a photo
  • Take GPS coordinates (if possible)
  • Report the sighting using one of these tools
  • Online reporting form
  • Call the toll free species at risk hotline 1-866-727-3447
  • Send an e-mail
  • Please leave your name and telephone number just in case researchers need to clarify any information submitted or ask any questions that they might have