Nova Scotia's Species at Risk: Municipal & Community Stewardship

Species at Risk in Nova Scotia

Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii)

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Quick Facts:
  • Approximately 200 individuals from 3 known locations in NS
  • They are genetically distinct from Blanding's turtles in Ontario and the US and show behavioural and physical differences
  • Threats include: human alteration of lakeshores and predation by raccoons

Status Overview:
Three small disjunct populations of Blanding’s Turtle are found in central southwest Nova Scotia comprising around two hundred adult animals in total. These turtles are genetically distinct with behavioural and physical differences that distinguish them from Blanding's Turtles in Ontario and the United States. Predators like the raccoon and human alteration of lake shores (water level) used for nesting are the major threats to this species in Nova Scotia.

Geographic Distribution:
The map shows the municipalities where this species can be found.  For more specific location information please contact us.

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