Nova Scotia's Species at Risk: Municipal & Community Stewardship

Species at Risk in Nova Scotia

Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii)

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Quick Facts:
  • Only 100 breeding pairs in Canada
  • Almost all of these are in NS
  • Decreases in the size of populations and the number of breeding sites over the past 50 years
  • Threats include:
    • Predation by gulls on on eggs and young
    • Human disturbance at colonies
    • Coastal development

Status Overview:
About one hundred pairs of this seabird breed in Canada. All but a few pairs are in a small number of colonies in Nova Scotia. The size of the population and the number of breeding sites have declined markedly in the past fifty years. Predation by gulls on eggs and young, human disturbance at colonies and coastal development all pose significant threats to this species.

Geographic Distribution:
The map shows the municipalities where this species can be found.  For more specific location information please contact us.

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