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Species at Risk in Nova Scotia

Atlantic Whitefish (Coregonus canadensis)

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Quick Facts:
  • Found only in NS (no where else in the world)
  • In NS, found only in the Petite Rivière and historically in the Tusket River
  • Little is known about this species
  • Past and Present threats to this species include hydro-electric development, predation by non-native fish (ex. chain pickerel, smallmouth bass), acidification, and fishing

Status Overview:
The Atlantic whitefish is a species endemic to Nova Scotia, meaning that it breeds nowhere else in the world. In Nova Scotia it is found only in the Tusket and Petite Rivière watersheds and may have been extirpated from the Tusket River system. Little is known about this species and no population estimate for the species exists. Past and present threats to the species include: hydro-electric development, predation by non-native fish species (e.g. chain pickerel, smallmouth bass), acidification and fishing.

Geographic Distribution:
The map shows the municipalities where this species can be found.  For more specific location information please contact us.

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