Nova Scotia Distribution

The ribbonsnake is one several species in Nova Scotia that have disjunct ranges (ie. populations in Nova Scotia are separated from the nearest populations in other parts of the species range). In the case of the ribbonsnake, the nearest known populations are in Ontario and southern Maine. Many of these species are considered at risk because of their isolation and small population sizes. Additionally, many occur near the northern limit of their range in Nova Scotia, making them vulnerable to weather extremes.

Known ribbonsnake distribution in NS (Apr 2012)

In Nova Scotia, the ribbonsnake appears to be limited to a few watersheds in the southwest interior of the province, although the full extent of the range is not known and is the subject of ongoing research. The majority of known ribbonsnake locations occur on the Mersey and Medway river watersheds, although they have recently been found at one location on each of the LaHave, Annapolis and Petite Riviere watersheds. At most locations, only a small number of ribbonsnake sightings have been recorded. It is not known if they truly occur in low densities in these areas or if this is a result of low survey effort.


Researchers are continuing to look for additional concentrations of ribbonsnakes in Nova Scotia. If you see a ribbonsnake, please contact us.